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   Shenzhen Jing Ye Da Industry Co. Ltd. is a specialized Hi-Tech ODM of PE foam machine, plant equipment, stationery & photo album plant equipment, plastic film & bag machinery and laminates plant solution. 
   PE Foam Equipment Specialist, pioneer grade: Best foaming, lower density and stable performance. She enjoys very good oral reputation, widely appreciated all over the world. For instance, our JYD200 PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line is called "the only one really successful all over China". Some buyers even asked to cancel the initial run test before shipping out of factory.

   PE foam is an ECO friendly product. It is a demanded packaging material for export and Hi Tech products. It has already been well popularized all over China. However enterprises really mastered the machine’s craftwork are very very limited. Traditional PE foam buyers emphasize only foam smoothness and do not care for the foam density. But the cost is so high and your marketing force is greatly deducted. Product variety is also a great challenge. Therefore our company sincerely welcomes smart buyers to compare and study these points together with us. 
   Stationery & album master: We are specialized in research and manufacture plastic / paper album, file plant equipment, including Album PP Sheet Extrusion Line, Stationery PP Film Machine, Automatic Album Pocket Making Machine, Paper Bag Machine, File Bag Machine, etc. We are an ODM of Round Back / Flat Back Book Folding & Binding Line, Straight Line Perfect Binding Machine, Casemaker, Wax Album Binding Line, Step-Page Binding Line, PP Sheet Emboss Machine, PP Block Extrusion Line, CPP Extrusion Line (Product mainly for CD pocket making). 



  We are an ODM of plastic film and bag making solution, including PE film Extrusion Machine, PP Film Extrusion Machine, PE Stretch Film Machine, etc. Flexo Printing Machine includes 1 to 10 colors. Many popular and special bag making machines. We also fulfill none standard requirements, machinery installation and process as per your own drawings. 
   In the marketing tides we have forged an innovative and passionate team of hardware engineer, software engineer, service engineer, sales and researching marketing specialists. 
   Shenzhen Jing Ye Da Industry Co. Ltd. gives 1st priority to top technology and top craftwork. She has widely imported top accurate inspection equipment. Top imported parts are widely used. She has a specialized training team. Your operators may be well trained up till they get the duty license. Along with new products put into the market, we are a biggest and widest manufacturer of PE foam solution and stationery solution. And our enterprise widely enjoys buyers’ good comments, acceptance and good reputation.
  Our company is to keep our advantages. Based the haul of high and new technology, we are to keep researching, developing and manufacturing more and better products. We are to keep the leadership and to make a more  brilliant future together with all buyers.

  Firstop Group Co. Limited is our Hong Kong company. 


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