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Energetic Crusher Line

  • Energetic Crusher Line
  • Energetic Crusher Line
Model No.︰系列
Brand Name︰Jingyeda brand
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 set
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Product Description

Energetic Crusher Line is a matter to link up an energetic crusher and/ or a Shredder with a conveyer and silos. The crusher sizes and types are many. Tailor made. Please send us your basic requirements. 

Herebelow is a sample plan of JLH800 Energetic Crusher Line:

Key point:

  1. Key configuration: Conveyer + Permanent Magnetic Metal Separator + PC800 Crusher + blower +silos
  2. This crusher line is to improve from our standard PC serial Energetic Crusher. Your required mobile type metal detector on the conveyer, no experience. WE are sure of nothing. Therefore simply replaced it with a Permanent Magnetic Metal Separator. Surely it will be working. IF not accept, remove 4,600 EURO. 
  3. Covery dimensions: 4,500 x 600 x 2,000 mm. L/W/H. Height adjustable. Aluminum frame. Motor speed is regulated.
  4. Permanent Magnetic Metal Separator: Model RCYD(C)-10. Belt width: 1000 mm. Rated height: 300 mm. Magnetic field intensity: 70 mt. Material thickness: 250 mm. Drive power: 3 kw. Net weight: 2120 kg.
  5. Crusher motor: 37 KW, 50 HP.
  6. Capacity: 1,000 – 1,200 kg/hr
  7. Feeding throat sizes: 820 x 500 mm.
  8. Cutter structure: Claw type cutter.
  9. Stationary cutter: 4 pcs. Active cutter, 27 pcs. Of SKD-11 steel.
  10. Crusher dimensions: 2,100 x 1,650 x 2,280 mm. L/W/H
  11. Screen diameter: 10 mm.
  12. Key reminder: Crusher is with no water cooling.
  13. Hose blower power: 3 kw, diameter: 102 mm.
  14. Silos: Diameter 1000 x 800+600 mm high. With a dust bag.

With 2 sets of spare cutters and 1 piece of spare screen.

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